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team – noun \ˈtēm\: a number of persons associated together in work or activity
cap·tain noun \ˈkap-tən\: one who leads or supervises

Definition of Team Captain: YOU!

As they say – the more the merrier – so why not form a team?  Teams are an integral part of the Step Up for Epilepsy 5K Fun Run & Walk.  Last year more than half of the participants were part of a team honoring or memorializing someone affected by epilepsy.

Team captains  play a vital role and are key to the success of our event. Team members can consist of family, friends, co-workers, classmates, athletes or anyone else you can recruit.  Your team can be as big or small as you want, and can consist of any combination of runners, walkers adults or youth. Each team must have a Team Name and an assigned Team Captain. In the spirit of friendly competition, awards will be presented (and bragging rights bestowed) to the largest team, most team spirit, and most money raised.

Where Do I Start?

By signing up to be a team captain and creating a personal fundraising page, you’re able to encourage your friends, family, and co-workers to join you for a morning of fun at the Step Up for Epilepsy SuperHero 5K Fun Run & Walk to raise funds benefiting the programs and services of the Epilepsy Foundation Central & South Texas.   Together we can provide persons affected by epilepsy with help for today and hope for their future.

Thank you for taking the first step towards making our event a great success. A Team Captain’s job is to motivate and encourage others to join your team, whether it is with co-workers, friends or family. Once the team is in place, the Team Captain also acts as the key liaison between their team and the Epilepsy Foundation Central & South Texas.  Remember, the more money you raise, the more aggressively we can support the children and families who are faced with epilepsy and need our help.  Check out our  team captain resources for ideas to help you build a successful team and keep your team motivated and excited,  enhance your personal goals and thank those that support your efforts. 

Team Captain Resources

The Team Captain kit has been designed to provide you with the tools  that you will need to make your team’s experience fun, successful, and rewarding.  Click the links below to download Team Captain Resources.

Team Captain Packet

Have Questions?  

Contact us at or by phone at (210) 653-5353 for questions or concerns.