Heart & Sole Epilepsy Walk

Heart & Sole Epilepsy Walk/5K


Alexandria Danielle Romeo was born on September 30, 1990 in Houston, Texas.  From the moment I held this amazing creature I knew that my life would never be the same.  Danielle was an amazing spirit who touched the lives of everyone around her.

Danielle was a gifted student.  She was given the opportunity to skip 3rd grade and was 1 of 6 students in the State of Texas who scored a perfect score on the TAAS writing test!  Danielle was an accomplished dancer and singer.  She trained in ballet and opera, and at 14 took top honors for her performance in Abilene, Texas, singing an Italian Opera.

On January 3, 2004 when Danielle was 14 years old her life took an unexpected turn when we heard the words, “Danielle has epilepsy”.  As a family, our entire world had just become re-scripted.  Danielle was diagnosed with a rare seizure disorder that took this extraordinary young lady whose life was full of joy and promise into a world of fear, isolation, and the torment of being bullied because she was “different”.

We traveled across the country seeking treatment and hoping for miracles.  In 2006 a board of 50 Neurologists at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota told me the devastating news- each day I had with my child would be a gift to be cherished.  There was no treatment for her rare condition.  On Thanksgiving Eve 2011 Danielle, who had been a shining beacon of light for 21 years, was taken from me.

The  “Heart & Sole Epilepsy Walk/5K” celebrates not only Danielle’s life, but also gives us the opportunity to honor and support the 130,000 Central & South Texans whose lives are touched by epilepsy.   Collectively we will raise epilepsy awareness and funds for those who suffer and struggle with this complex condition by supporting the Epilepsy Foundation who tirelessly advocates for those hoping for a cure.  Help us end epilepsy!  No family should have to know what it is like to lose their child to a seizure.  Together everyone achieves more!

–On behalf of Danielle’s family & friends, and EVERYONE who loves her.




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